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Central Research Laboratory Pitch Event, London - Nov 28th, 2019

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We visited because we have met some very interesting people at these events in the past. And, this time did not disappoint.

Of the companies exhibiting or the startups pitching, none were very impressive. We wold recommend a review of the mentors on the programme since there was one good idea (out of 4 pitched), but that idea has not had the input it could have had and it may simply be too late when the product actually launch - if at all.

Our scores for the evening as a whole:

Startups: 2/5
Organisation 5/5
Networking opportunities: 4/5
Event location: 5/5 (big shout to U+I for hosting)

Note: For some reason there tend to be a lot of government and edicational presence at CRLs events.



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