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Is Carrefour's use of Blockchain technology just a marketing ploy?

Blockchain Carrefour Marketing

Carrefour recently credited its use of Blockchain technology with an increase in sales of a number of its products - Reuters, June 3, 2019.

However, STIQ understands that the hyperledger technology (not strictly a Blockchain apparently) is fully operated by Carrefour. This would mean that they have full control over the information that is added to the ledger which kind of defies the point of using Blockchain technology in the first place.

This may be unintential from Carrefour but, goes to the core of trust in the supply chain, i.e. can a grocery retailer be certain that information added in the Hyperledger/Blockchain is not damaging to them?


Do you have any further information on how Carrefour or other retailers have adopted Blockchain technologies? Contact us anonymously.

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