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Pokemon Go in the Fashion world??

FashionTech retail virtual fitting

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Within five weeks of its launch, Pokemon Go has already generated $250m+ of sales (Source:

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How can AR be exploited [better] in the Fashion retail industry? Our view is that AR applications in fashion have generated far less than $10m since its early days... whenever that was. AR fitting, AR testing, etc does not seem to be a user case that resonates with a majority of consumers. Has this got something to do with the mindset of the industry?

Could there ever be a fashion company producing only Virtual Clothes?


Styleintelligence Fashion AR Predictions:

  • Fashion shows where only audience members with an AR app or the correct AR glasses can view model's clothes.
  • Luxury AR accessories that can only be seen by other wearers of the same fashion creating a "true luxury customer". This may also be used to identify copies of luxury goods.
  • Apps/ Games for fashion followers, for example collect all our virtual clothes and get a real tshirt for free.
  • AR/VR Applications where wearers of a certain brand make themselves known to users of a particular app, for example Tinder or Facebook.

Do you have any cool Fashion AR ideas?



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